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Collaborative Genealogy

Family Pursuit creates collaborative and networking tools for genealogists. Our tools include a pedigree with the ability to add notes and sources to facts and relationships. We have also created research coordination tools that allow you to create and assign tasks, log research progress, and share your findings with the world.

Recent Blog Article

What’s In A Story?
(February 19, 2009 - becky)
I have a GG Grandmother, Arminta Williams, on my maternal line that has always been an inspiration to me.  She labored with her husband, Thomas, and children to eek out an existence on a farm on the Western Frontier.  While the endurance and perse...

From our Members

"This type of genealogy research and data management is truly the wave of the future. The ability for extended family to organize and share family history research online will permanently change the way things are done. The ability to collaborate is not being met in any other program or online service. Family Pursuit allows all in the extended family to take an active part."
- Mary E.V. Hill, MLS, CGSM , AGCM, Utah