Family Pursuit Overview

The mission of Family Pursuit is to accelerate family history by providing a framework for genealogy researchers to work together in their efforts and to easily share their ideas, theories, research and conclusions.

Our History

The evolution of Family Pursuit started when Co-Founder Mike Martineau organized a meeting with several family members who had devoted many years to genealogy research. At that time, Mike realized the drastic need to coordinate the efforts of his family so he and other family members could contribute to the research without duplicating efforts. Because of his background in software development, Mike was convinced there must be an existing software package that would allow family members to collaborate and work together. He was especially interested in finding a way to allow family members with limited time availability to make a meaningful contribution to the work. He anxiously began researching various existing Internet solutions that would suit his needs, but it quickly became apparent that the solution did not exist. He discovered that with the current collaboration options, family members with precious few hours, like himself, would be required to spend most of their time figuring out what had already been done and what remained to be done. Then they would have to learn how to do the research itself and hope no one else was working on that particular task. Mike was convinced there had to be a better way of working together.

Mike spent the next two years carefully studying current software options, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, attending genealogy conferences and researching family history methods. He also spent time interviewing active genealogists, including several professionals in the field. From these interviews he learned what features were necessary to create a system that would support the research process, not just a storage place for final conclusions. Mike also learned that to enable true collaboration, genealogists needed a system that protected their conclusions and allowed them to revert incorrect changes. As Mike continued his research of the needs of genealogists, he began developing a new, innovative model for genealogy software that facilitates the research.

After continued research, interviews and design modifications, Mike felt confident in his model, and in 2006 consulted Les Eldredge for help in organizing the development and marketing of his new software. Together Mike and Les formed Family Pursuit and have created a detailed project plan and a team of talented professionals.