What's all the Buzz About?

Our users matter most. We are excited to hear so many positive remarks about our program.

"This type of genealogy research and data management is truly the wave of the future. The ability for extended family to organize and share family history research online will permanently change the way things are done. The ability to collaborate is not being met in any other program or online service. Family Pursuit allows all in the extended family to take an active part."

- Mary E.V. Hill, MLS, CGSM , AGCM, Utah
"The best site I have seen for sharing information and for interactive research. It has great potential for our One Name Society research. I am convinced this site has the potential to push back the boundaries of Family History Research."

- W. Paul Featherstone, United Kingdom ( The Featherstone Society )
"I am pleased with this collaborative program. It fulfills my desire to share and work together in family groups. It also aids in analyzing the facts and getting feedback from others."

- Sue Eggett., Utah
"This last week Family Pursuit Beta 1.0 was launched and I am excited to be among the testers ... The user interface is clean and consistent ... I was interested in how the company would fulfill their promise to "enable genealogy enthusiasts to involve family members who have never engaged in family history work." After spending a few hours using the beta, I think Family Pursuit, LC is on a path of innovation for genealogy software. Those more experienced with family history now have tools available to mentor beginners in the research process and work collaboratively toward a common goal."

- Mark Tucker, Arizona ( ThinkGenealogy )
"Great stuff, guys. This is clearly addressing a huge need that is not being addressed to this point yet. So many people out there working on the same work in a disorganized mess! Fantastic user interface. Very clean, consistent, and easy on the eyes and mind. I can use research projects as a way to train beginners on techniques."

- Scott M., Arizona