The Family Pursuit Community Family Tree is a free community-shared, user-contributed family tree. Within our genealogy community, genealogists can easily collaborate and network with others as they share and contribute information.

To facilitate true collaboration, our Community Family Tree is wiki-based. This means each time someone adds or updates information, that information is saved to a change log and nothing is overwritten. If needed, any change can be undone, no matter how long ago a change was made or how many changes have occurred since. As members continuously enter new information and make changes to our Community Tree, they can receive email notifications by adding specific ancestors to a watch list. Our wiki-based system allows our members to collaborate with confidence, freely contributing and discussing facts, relationships, and sources.

Our genealogy community also focuses on building connections between genealogists. Whether distant relatives, or researching common locations or timelines, our desire is to create a community for you to network, share knowledge, and build relationships.

The Family Pursuit Community Family Tree is very easy to use and works similar to many modern genealogy programs. There is nothing to install, so you can begin networking and collaborating immediately.

Features and Pricing

The Community Tree is a public shared tree. Information in the Community Tree is viewable and editable by the entire Family Pursuit community.

only $19.95/yr

Import / Export

Export GEDCOM Files: Limited to 1 Family / Day (Unlimited Export)
Import GEDCOM Files:
General Features

No advertisments:
Public community shared family tree:
Completely online; nothing to download or install:
Network and connect with other genealogists:
Receive notifications of changes made by other users:
Send messages to other users:
Easy navigation with Recently viewed and bookmark tools:
Invite unlimited number of friends and family to participate:
Genealogy Management

Add unlimited individuals (deceased only):
Add unlimited events and facts:
Attach notes and sources to specific events and facts:
Add stories about each individual:
View 5 generation pedigree:
View a list of collaborators on each individual:
Merge duplicate individuals:
Undo merges made by mistake:
Participate in discussions about specific ancestors:
Wiki-based; Undo mistakes made by others:
View change log of all modifications:
Genealogy Research Management

Create unlimited Research Projects to organize and track genealogy research:
Allow multiple users to participate in shared Research Projects:
Create and assign tasks to specific Research Project members:
Give instructions and mentor less experienced Research Project members:
Allow each Research Project member to keep a research log as they complete tasks:
Allow members to participate in Research Project discussions:


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From our Members

"I am pleased with this collaborative program. It fulfills my desire to share and work together in family groups. It also aids in analyzing the facts and getting feedback from others."
- Sue Eggett., Utah