Are you looking for a better way to collaborate your genealogy research with family members?

With Family Pursuit's Family Tree Websites, you can work with your family in real-time through the Internet. This means you have access to every change instantly, without the hassle of emailing or merging. Some of our users work with family members close by, while others work with family members living all over the world. Even in opposite times zones, these families are able to coordinate their research and stay current on new findings.

Our family tree websites are completely private, only the family members you invite can access the website and make changes. Together, you can research and contribute facts, relationships, sources, stories, pictures, and engage in group discussions.

How is Family Pursuit Different?

One important differentiation is the ability to undo and redo any change made in the system at any time, including merges. Nothing is ever lost in Family Pursuit. We also include a notification system, providing a list of updates as other family members add information or make changes. With our research coordination tools, you can organize your work into projects, assign tasks, and keep research logs and extractions. Our websites are very easy to use and do not require any installation or server setup.

Features and Pricing

Family Tree Website

only $59.95/yr
(includes all family members)
General Features
Connect to New Family Search:
Private and Secure, invitation only family tree:
Invite an unlimited number of family members to join - no additional charge:
Custom website address
No advertisments:
Completely online; nothing to download or install:
View which family members are currently online or were recently online:
Receive notifications of changes made by family members:
Post messages to the entire family:
Send messages to specific family members:
Easy navigation with Recently Viewed and Bookmark tools:
Nightly backup of entire tree including uploaded photos and documents:
Includes FREE Community Tree Basic Subscription:
Import / Export
Export GEDCOM Files:
Import GEDCOM Files:
Genealogy Management
Add unlimited living and deceased individuals:
Add unlimited events and facts:
Attach notes and sources to specific events and facts:
Upload photos and documents: (10 GB)
Add stories about each ancestor:
View 5 generation pedigree:
Merge duplicate individuals:
Undo merges made by mistake:
Participate in family discussions about specific ancestors:
Wiki-based; Undo mistakes:
View change log of all modifications:
Genealogy Research Management
Create unlimited Research Projects to organize and track genealogy research:
Allow entire family to participate in shared Research Projects:
Create and assign research tasks to specific family members:
Give instructions and mentor less experienced family researchers:
Allow each family member to keep a research log as they complete tasks:
Allow the entire family to participate in Research Project discussions:


My Home and Watch Lists:

Individuals Facts and Sources:

Research Projects:


GEDCOM Import:

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From our Members

"The best site I have seen for sharing information and for interactive research. It has great potential for our One Name Society research. I am convinced this site has the potential to push back the boundaries of Family History Research."
- W. Paul Featherstone, United Kingdom