Collaborative Genealogy Features

Family Pursuit provides the set of features you need to coordinate your family's efforts in researching your ancestors.

Research Projects

Family Pursuit focuses on coordinating, collecting, organizing, and sharing research efforts. One way we have accomplished this is by developing research projects. Within research projects, you can invite members of your family to help you in your research. You may also create tasks for accomplishing your research project objectives, and assign those tasks to family members. Within each task, the family member assigned to the task can keep a research log of the entire research process. Research Projects also include a discussion board for communicating back and forth.
  • Coordinate genealogy research
  • Invite family members
  • Create and assign tasks
  • Each task has a research log
  • Add extractions to research logs
  • Attach extractions directly to individuals (no more duplicate entries)
  • Add discussion posts
  • Make public for all to see (view only)
  • Upload photos and documents (Private Family Tree only)

Individuals (Pedigree Section)

The Individual's section is a pedigree management tool designed to share the conclusions you find about your ancestors with other users. This pedigree tool is a global tree, allowing all users to contribute individual facts and sources.
  • Living Individuals kept private (Living allowed in Private Family Tree only)
  • Upload photos and documents (Private Family Tree only)
  • Genealogy Wiki
  • Network with other Genealogists
  • Enter conflicting facts (multiple birth dates, death dates, etc.)
  • Add source citations (with extractions) and notes to specific facts
  • Answer questions to rate sources
  • Genealogy message boards attached to each individual
  • View public research projects
  • Import GEDCOM files
  • Export GEDCOM files (coming soon)
  • Undo and Redo changes
  • Merge & Unmerge Individuals

Watch Lists

In a robust collaborative genealogy program, changes and additions are continuously taking place. To make your experience hassle free, we have included a watch system which allows you to flag specific research projects and individuals to receive notifications on changes. These changes are easily viewed in our watch list section.

  • List changes to research projects and individuals
  • Highlights unread changes
  • Organize watch items into folders


The Sources section is a global database of sources contributed by all the users of Family Pursuit.

  • View a list of repositories and call numbers
  • Fill out detailed bibliography information for automatic references
  • Catalog sources according to places and keywords
  • Add discussion posts

Miscellaneous Features

From the beginning, one of our most fundamental goals has been to create an intuitive and easy-to-use application with the power needed for collaborative genealogy research. We have given particular attention to the navigational aspects of our software. We believe we can make the work of entering, organizing and retrieving genealogy information easy and efficient. We never want our users to feel "lost" while using the Family Pursuit website.

  • Color coded sections
  • Bookmarks
  • Recently viewed history
  • Records at a glance