Synchronize with New FamilySearch

Family Pursuit's Family Tree Websites are now Certified to Access, Update and Sync with New FamilySearch

  • Search for your ancestors on New FamilySearch
  • Compare ancestor details side by side
  • Easily transfer information between your family tree website and New FamilySearch using Family Pursuit's intuitive drag and drop technology

Additional features coming soon . . .

  • Reserve temple ordinances for the entire family
  • Coordinate temple work with family members

What is Family Pursuit?

Family Pursuit enables families to work together on their family history by providing a centralized online database that each family member can directly access. This online database is a private and secure family tree website packed with features that enable family members to maintain an up-to-date and accurate genealogy database, coordinate and document research efforts, upload documents and photos, and monitor temple ordinance completion. Family Pursuit's intuitive drag and drop technology allows family members to easily transfer information between their family tree website and New FamilySearch for temple ordinance completion. Family Pursuit's unique wiki-based approach enables family members to monitor the entire database and easily undo mistakes. An unlimited number of family members can be invited to join a family tree and each family member receives his/her own login.

Why do I need Family Pursuit if I'm already using New FamilySearch?

New FamilySearch is a massive lineage linked database which includes records that FamilySearch has collected over many years. A primary focus of New FamilySearch is to reduce ordinance duplication and provide a means to submit new names for ordinance completion. In addition, New FamilySearch enables users to see what others have contributed to the global family tree. Unfortunately, not all of this information is accurate and most of the innacurate data cannot be corrected.

Family Pursuit is working with FamilySearch to provide effective tools for families to collaborate on their genealogy and simultaneously coordinate temple ordinance completion through New FamilySearch. With a Family Pursuit Family Tree Website you can work closely with family members in a private database that is accurate, then using the direct New FamilySearch connection, you can selectively transfer information between your clean Family Pursuit database and New FamilySearch. This allows you to collaborate with family members in researching your genealogy and at the same time coordinate temple work by synchronizing with New FamilySearch.

In addition, Family Pursuit offers many tools that are not found in New FamilySearch. Tools such as:

  • Receive notifications of changes made by other family members
  • Coordinate family research
  • Upload photos and documents
  • Correct mistakes
  • Post messages to the entire family

For a complete list of features click here.

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From our Members

"This last week Family Pursuit Beta 1.0 was launched and I am excited to be among the testers ... The user interface is clean and consistent ... I was interested in how the company would fulfill their promise to "enable genealogy enthusiasts to involve family members who have never engaged in family history work." After spending a few hours using the beta, I think Family Pursuit, LC is on a path of innovation for genealogy software. Those more experienced with family history now have tools available to mentor beginners in the research process and work collaboratively toward a common goal."
- Mark Tucker, Arizona