Family Pursuit Pricing


only $59.95/yr

General Features
Completely online, nothing to download or install:
Custom website address (
Network and connect with other genealogists:
Receive notifications of changes made by other users:
Send messages to other users:
Recently Viewed and Bookmark tool boxes:
Invite unlimited number of friends and family to participate:
Upload photos and documents: (10 GB)
Individuals Section
Private, invitation only family tree:
Add living individuals:
Add / Upload Ancestors:
Add relationships, facts and sources:
Merging and Unmerging:
Genealogy Message Boards:
Record log of changes:
Undo / redo changes (including merges):
Research Projects Section
Research project privacy: (Private or Public) (Private or Family)
Create research projects:
Create and assign tasks:
Keep research logs:
Research message boards:
Record log of changes: