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February 19, 2009

What’s In A Story?

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I have a GG Grandmother, Arminta Williams, on my maternal line that has always been an inspiration to me.  She labored with her husband, Thomas, and children to eek out an existence on a farm on the Western Frontier.  While the endurance and perseverance is awe-inspiring, she went above and beyond her circumstances.  The family story that has been passed on says that she never turned an orphan away, either for a meal or a home.

The family story also reported her to have lived to be 102yrs old.  However, I didn’t know where they lived or when she died.  Looking for a family that consistently had extra children in the house helped me identify them in censuses and unlock their genealogy.  She and Thomas took in the first foster child just 3 yrs in to their marriage.  At one point, they had 3 foster children living with them.  I have yet to locate any legal adoption papers, just children listed in their household as “servant” “laborer” or just “visitor”.  I learned that Thomas went blind at a rather young age and that Arminta died the same year my father was born – just a few months short of being 102 yrs old.

Family Pursuit now offers the ability to share this story as well as documentation with my entire family.  I have one photo of Arminta, sitting in a wheelchair with a corncob pipe between her lips, surrounded by numerous descendants and foster children.  I can attach this photo to Arminta’s story and her Individual profile in my Private Tree and provide a means for all her descendants to know of her generosity and love for others and her tenacity throughout life.

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