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Surname: andersen / Given: kirsten

Kirsten Andersenb. Abt 1692 - Nordby Sogn, Skads Herred, Ribe Amt, Denmark
d. 1753 - Nordby Sogn, Skads Herred, Ribe Amt, Denmark
Kirsten Andersenb. 1702 -
d. 6 Jan 1780 - Kikhavn, Frederiksborg, Denmark
Kirsten Andersenb. 20 MAR 1728 - Morup, Monsted, Viborg, Denmark
d. 25 FEB 1787 -
Kirsten Andersenb. Abt 1731 -
d. -
Kirsten Andersenb. 10 Jul 1755 - Nordby , Ribe, Denmark
d. -
Kirsten ANDERSENb. 1780 - Sporup, Skanderborg, Jutland, Denmark
d. -
Kirsten Andersenb. 19 Oct 1784 - Birkerod, Frederiksborg, Denmark
d. 30 Nov 1860 - Ravnunaes, Frederiksborg, Denmark
Kirsten Andersenb. 7 JUL 1821 - Smaagarden,Skjaeve,Hjrrng,Denmark
d. 16 DEC 1917 - Pleasant Grove,Utah,Utah,USA
Kirsten Andersenb. -
d. -

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